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Look Objectively

Common Fallacy

Experience is a currency of It’s Own

You have done with selection of franchise, qualified as right candidate and signed Franchise contract with the franchisor in very accurate picture. Now, there comes a time for development / launch of franchise store, product / services in desired area / territory – called Implementation Phase. This phase is the most vital in determining your success as every brand around the world who started franchising had at least one or series of successful stores. So success of the first unit in new territory will dominantly hit your Expansion Strategies and Revenue Approximation.

Look Objectively

Look at the questions objectively!

You’ve already incurred entry cost, committed on-going Fees and going to flow money to start your own business. Though franchisors provide assistance to the franchisees in start-up regarding procurement of stock, furniture, IT equipment, Design, Training, Marketing, signage, products / services but only in Advisory Role.

And, all sharing based upon the experience of existing franchisees of different regions, whereas local valuable information might have incremental long-term benefits.

Having a Local Franchise agency / consultant is often provide the extra push at the Implementation Stage and highly desirable for Master Franchisees / Area Developer new to the territory.

Common Fallacy

Unfortunately, these new franchisees often neglect to hire necessary expert and indulge to learn the things they don’t know and worse till try to do all themselves – Ignoring the Cost- Benefits in the process. There are many stages and factors to consider when launching a franchise for you, depending on the type of business you choose. We’ve list down few steps of implementation phase by which every franchisee needs to move on;

  • Company setup, scope, legal advice
  • Finding Premises
  • Architect to advice or implement Design / Theme
  • Contractor Appointment – BOQ discussions and expert opinion
  • Construction side of the project – Visits
  • Kitchen Equipment Sourcing, Ordering & checks after installation
  • Supply chain System Development
  • Vendor System Development
  • Recruitment – Top Management / Operational and store Staffing
  • Business Licenses, Insurance etc
  • Marketing Initiatives – Signage, Printing, Billboards etc
  • POS / APP /Audit System
  • Grand Opening & Public Relationing

Working with Local Franchise Company that stays with you every step on the way ensures your success for the long haul. You can measure the savings against the Efforts & Cost very sooner – just explore only Vendor System Development, you need to determine following parameters;

  • Identify and register vendors of good reputation
  • Identify goods without valid price tag.
  • Attempt to obtain goods from vendors working already with the chain operator.
  • Need to find Nationwide vendor
  • Attempt to establish routine for order taking / billing.
  • Implementation of automated stocktaking.
  • Reduce number of vendors not supported / approved by the chain operator.
  • Sign recipe confidentiality
  • Design system for Expiry / Refunds
  • Dialogue meeting with the franchisors’ decision-makers.

Experience is a Currency of its Own

For new Franchisees this task (Supply Chain Systems Development) may require hours / days while local franchise developer can do just in minutes even on phone call with much negotiated terms.  Our team have been living in this franchise system over decade, implementing proven business model and practicing best franchise recommendations.

Consider the contingency before you open, would you expand the model for yourself or future franchisees if the first unit isn’t providing adequate returns?

Depend on the Franchise Company which is here to provide you tools and support need to run and grow your franchise. Franchisingkey’s reputation is grounded in operations at local level and we can help you start your Franchise within 90-120 days after signing Franchise contract.

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