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Franchise Marketing Programs for Brand Positioning

Franchise Marketing Programs to Increase Outlet Sale
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Franchise sales rarely happen by Accident, franchises are sold because franchisors execute a Designed Marketing Plan. The key to convincing others and get them involved in business is Your Franchise Message. So, do a deep dive on what messages actually attract them?A Franchise Message is designed to address two key areas:

  1. Attracting Franchisees
  2. Marketing Programs for Franchisees

Most franchisors believe these areas work / have to work together, but always remember the golden rule: Allow one strategy to play out long enough before switching gears”

Asking someone to invest their life savings into a franchise system is a whole lot different than promoting a $5 value meal. Besides, if some genius able to develop such vast strategy and pull the plug on more than one avenues, it may be hard to determine what leads are coming from / difficult to evaluate the campaign’s performance. So, whatever elements you pick for Franchise message – must be aligns with target market.

Promote Your Franchise Message

The most important lesson in franchise marketing is to Think Small — “Target Market”. Your brand exists in many different places across the region, country, or perhaps globally. And, marketing your Franchise message at every possible opportunity might roll out the whole promotion budget. When growing a franchise, focus on one region, and then gradually expand as the franchise builds momentum. That means adopting a local approach to your marketing strategy. Set a baseline program, with options to upgrade for both On and Offline campaigns. Keep the following features in mind when developing franchise marketing plan;

  • Location-Specific Marketing– Direct mail, Billboards, Radio, Tv, Print advertisements, etc.
  • Host Franchise Events
  • Sponsor a local event
  • Ads in Local magazines or directories
  • Websites and Social Media for Franchise Marketing
  • Host Web Presentations / Webinars
  • PPC & SEO at both Google and Bing
  • Other online resources like Yelp, web listing, classified
  • Online reviews, Discussions and blog posts

It is better to bring an agency that specializes in Local Advertising and Franchise Marketing. With experience of some prestige franchises in Pakistan, we know how to develop a strategy that helps you Establish and Grow your Franchise Business in Pakistan.

Franchise Marketing Programs to Attract Franchisees

For some franchisee candidates, lead generation sites, franchise magazines, brokers, and tradeshows are productive. For others, major business publications and investor forums are how they will spread the word about the Franchise Opportunity. For an excellent marketing strategy, the franchisor must know where they can most effectively advertise and what marketing message will most likely endorse the interests of targeted franchisees. For that, both traditional and digital marketing campaigns need to be carefully scripted and in alignment with franchise offering.

The key to success is planning and connecting with potential franchisees. Once you’ve found a lead, it’s your job not to lose them. Those looking to acquire a franchise typically don’t make decisions overnight. They go through a careful research process; Franchise website, Google possible franchise opportunities, read reviews, blog posts, online resources and can ask hard-hitting questions about your franchise. Have answers to potential questions and provide plenty of benefits / support which stimulate decision making process.

Thanks to Local Franchise Consultants / Agents / Brokers / Firms who have access to this research and connecting with potential franchisees easier than franchisor. They are often good in describing the opportunity and sometimes influence their buying decisions, as they’re accustomed to fielding phone calls from potential franchisees on the same subjects.

Are you looking a reliable franchise development firm to communicate Franchise Opportunities in Pakistan? Then you are on the right page. We can help you in finding quality partners at each location. Our preference is Quality over Quantity.

Franchise Marketing Programs for Brand Positioning

This aspect of Franchise Marketing become popular and more important in recent years. In order to recruit the best owners or Repeat Purchases, they need to really like your brand, means creating a plan to develop a strong Brand Message, Quality, Servicing, Uniformity and logo to represent your franchise. To do so, you have to create powerful brand awareness and stick with consistent, positive messaging. Your messaging should be creative, website to clean, and logo to be easily recognizable.

The key to success applies when the baseline program initiated by franchisors work as supplement to national / local advertising and allow franchisees to upgrade if deemed necessary due to cultural, social or communication barriers. Many Franchisors have permitted franchisees to create their own and get approval from corporate, while other have establish guidelines for websites, social media and other forum to sustain the brand image in the minds of internal & external customers.

Save the Time and Resources by focusing on the people who are specialized in Franchise Industry of Pakistan and successfully launched the most established brands of today. Count on Franchisingkey® as your partner when it comes to create brand awareness / recall in Pakistan.

Franchise Marketing Programs to Increase Outlet sale

What separates your franchise from another? Identify those USP’s, there is no one-size-fits-all formula that will work for every franchised Location. It’s more than menu offerings, pricing, customers experiences before, during, after and how to engage them for future.  Profitable Franchisees & Satisfied Customer at each Location is a hard task but do not let this stop you achieving your goals. Do a deep study on costs, internal franchise issues, facts that breaking the breakeven, challenges of Industry, local community response and evaluate what strategies can work for your businesses, then use it to your best advantage / competitive edge. Your Franchise Messages should encourage them to act sooner even if they aren’t planning to buy immediately,

Enormous programs may be designed to enhance Quality, Value, Services, Sales figures, Profitability and Customer traffic at franchised location. If you have been considering to get inside scoop on product, service or full operations of franchise store – our team can work as managing partner for a while until desired and measurable results aren’t achieved.

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Whether you need to attract Potential franchisees or customers or looking to enhance positioning / re-building your Franchise Brand in Pakistan, we can help you in developing a complete or customized Franchise Marketing Plan whether it’s for Franchise Sale, franchisees, Brand Awareness / Performance of the franchise store.

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