Cone Heads Franchise Opportunities Pakistan

Originated From: Australia
Since: 2006
No.of Stores: 5
Operational Countries: 2

Cone Heads is an Australian brand famous for its Aussie style healthy chips and fire-grilled burgers. Cone Heads™ chips served in a designer cone can be enjoyed with or without one of many signature toppings such as thick country style Gravy, Spicy Salsa, Authentic chili corn carne and cheesy sauce; or over a dozen of in-house dipping sauces, such as our own Garlic Mayo, Aussie BBQ, Fiery sauce, Bolognese, French tartar and Honey mustard to name a few. Cone Heads fire-grilled & freshly cooked burgers have also proved their popularity and are rated among the best burgers.

In June 2006, Gary Katacouzinos, an apprentice chef and food consultant who has over 25 years of experience in the industry, opened first Cone Heads™ store in St Kilda, Melbourne focusing on freshly cooked hot Chips and gourmet burgers. Gary with his experience and knowledge, incorporated the best elements of the old-fashioned fish & chip shop, chicken shop and classic take-away into a modern Chips & Gravy concept to create exciting products and faster service by using the most innovative cooking technology and equipment available.

Cone Heads creates a memorable experience for its customers.

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